The Baseplate

Home for the ERA technology

Custom made in Germany. With the smooth sensor buttons it guides you to brew your individual ERA coffee. With an integrated RFID reader it provides latest technology and connects you to the ERA app.

A silent Grinder

Era grinds beans silently and has an integrated scale for superprecise measuring.
5 grinding options plus automode offer the perfect grinding level for your individual coffee.
The conical grinder out of stainless stell grinds your beans most gently for the best coffee taste.

Borosilicate Water Carafe

The ERA water carafe is made in Germany out of high qualityheat resistant borosilicate glass made by DURAN.
You have full transparency when the water for your ERA coffee begins to boil.

A Spout with 9 noozles

9 water noozles that can be selected and controlled to mimic manual water pouring.

A filter with Spout

The ERA filter brings the classical Melitta cone shape into a new ERA. It easily snaps onto the stative and grinder with magnets.
The innovative technology makes smart extraction of your coffee possible. It controls the blooming which is the most important step of extraction for best results in coffee quality.

Borosilicate Coffee Carafe

As soon as our brew is ready for serving this beautifully designed carafe out of borosilicate glass rounds up your coffee experience.

Make it your own

Use advanced technology of the machine and app support. Adapt ERA recipes to your own tase. Create your own coffee experience. Reproduce settings and build up your own coffee knowledge.